The API Company: grand opening

The fancy header for celebration of the opening of the API company

The API Company is started to create an unlimited amount of API’s for you! To celebrate this we started with a JavaScript API called “device detection“. In the future we are going to develop as much free API’s as possible and make them available to every web developer. So, if you have an idea about a possible API please let us know!

The first API: the device detection API

Using the device detection API it will be possible to detect all kind of features about the user’s device on your website. Moreover, it is possible to detect the name of the device. And yes… even for iOS devices! With this information it will be possible to optimise your website to tailor the user’s needs. All the features are outlined here. In a future blog post more information about this API will be outlined! The API will be updated so it will be possible to use it with PHP, node.js, and more… If you have any ideas about other ideas please leave a comment below!

The reason for starting The API Company

The API Company is a small startup from the Netherlands. The idea about setting up an API company rose when we worked as data science / web developers. During this work we found out that there are many technical possible implementations. However, to implement this was a hard and painful job. We thought that more developers are having the same problems. Using simple API’s it would be possible to share your insights.

So now your job as a developer will become easier and easier… Go on and let’s develop some cool applications!