JavaScript overview from A to Z

JavaScript overview from A to Z

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JavaScript: a history overview

screenshot of netscape navigator in 1994
Screenshot of Netscape Navigator in 1994

Nowadays, JavaScript is still the standard scripting language for the WWW. All popular web browser integrated JS. Currently, several JS libraries and frameworks are available.

JavaScript viewed with statistics

Usage of programming language by developers


jQuery is makes use of the DOM (document object model) structure of web pages. The DOM model represents the elements on a page (for example a <h5> element). With jQuery it is easy to select and manipulate these elements.

The difference between JS and jQuery is illustrated below. The first is in JavaScript and the second in jQuery.

JavaScript Frameworks

Initially JavaScript is designed as a client side language. However, nowadays both client and served side is JS based. To give some structure in the development process we created JS frameworks. We will cover 3 of the most popular JS frameworks of today: Angular, react, and Vue.JS.

javascript frameworks: Angular, react and vue.js



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